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Baby Signing Basics: 5mths - 18mths

This starter program is for our littlest signers and runs in blocks of 8 weeks. Each block covers baby signing basics such as how to sign with your little one and how to look out for their first attempts to sign back! We cover the most important 50 core signs which make a huge difference in communication with your baby. 

What happens in our classes?

  • We use fun songs, nursery rhymes and stories to learn and practice the songs in a child centered way so that it is fun and motivating for all!

  • Weekly themes such as bedtime, mealtimes, bathtime and going to the park give you the signs you need to share your baby's world and daily routine. 

  • We use lots of props and interactive material to delight and entertain the babies whilst signs are being learnt

  • Classes are 50mins long with a little time for mummies to socialize and make new friends whilst babies play

ToddleTalk: 14mths - 3yrs

This program is for our toddling talkers. At approximately 18mths old toddlers increase their use of spoken words and therefore our class focuses not only on signs but on increasing vocabulary with many fun themes that explore the children's many new concepts and interests - like weather, transport, emotions, colours, festivals and so much more! Its super fun for all the famliy!

The toddletalk course runs for blocks of 8 weeks.

What happens in our classes?

  • We build on the toddlers speech development, confidence and social skills

  • Explore a new theme each week whilst we learn new signs and words with singing, dancing and playing together!


Class fees

Class fees are per family*  per 8 week term. This includes the course workbook and weekly recap videos covering the signs learnt each week.

*This is a mummy-daddy-baby class, even grandma and grandpa can come along too! We do not recommend you send nannies and didis' to take your place.  We offer a separate training course for nannies and didis' to learn the signs too, or you can always teach them at home as we offer lots of learning aids to help you show them how to sign with your child too!


Online Classes!

Now you can enjoy all the fun of Sing Song Sign classes streamed live directly to your living room! For more details and to book please click below:

To book a class from India please click the tiger!


For bookings from anywhere else in the world, please connect with us via email or WhatsApp so we can send you your country-specific the booking link.

whatsapp: 0091- 9833848251

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