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About Baby Signing

What is Baby Signing?


Babies only really get talking from 18mths onwards, and some children don’t talk much at all until 2.5-3yrs. So there is a long period of time where the baby may understand many things but is unable to communicate what he wants, thinks and feels.

This is where Baby Signing comes in. It is a series of gestures which are taught to the mother/father and baby to communicate with each other. These ‘baby signs’ build on the natural instinct of using gestures (e.g babies naturally point to what they want, indicate they want to be picked up or given a toy).  Baby Signs are based on the sign language used for deaf or hearing impaired people, but where necessary are simplified to make it easier for little hands to sign.

What are the benefits of Baby Signing?

Using baby signs, babies as young as 1yr old can have vocabularies of 30-50 words whereas a baby who has to wait until he can speak will only reach this number after 18mths of age or even older. Having more words at a younger age means baby can communicate earlier, letting his mother and caregivers know what he wants, chat about what he has seen and how he feels.

Research has shown that babies who sign in babyhood have a bigger vocabulary at 3yrs old than those who don’t sign, and the benefits continue right through childhood. For some parents who are in a hurry to develop their child in the big education race this is a draw for doing baby signing, but the real benefits are that a baby who can make himself understood feels great about himself, has way less frustration and it also makes things so much easier and more fun for the mum to be able to really understand her child earlier rather than guessing and hoping she is getting it right.


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We also offer tailored training for nursery staff, childminders and other childcare professionals.

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1yr old baby using sign language

Common questions

Probably the most common question for parents is whether signing with their child will cause speech delay, however research has shown the opposite to be true. When the mother signs to her child she also says the word, she never signs in silence, so when the child’s vocal chords and muscles are ready for speech the child already knows the words, their meanings and application and the transition is easy. Usually as a child learns to speak, spoken word replaces signs but a few favourite signs may remain within the family!

Sing Song Sign Classes


Our Sing Song Sign classes have multiple benefits;

  • Teach mothers and babies to use sign language to communicate with each other

  • It is a fun time for mums and babies to spend together – bonding over learning

  • A social time for mummys! Being a mum of a small baby can be extremely isolating. Our mother-baby classes are wonderful for making new friends with babies of a similar age to your own who are experiencing many of the same things as you in the best and hardest job in the world of being a mother!


The class uses lots of songs, games and stories to teach the signs.

Dr. Joseph Garcia explains Baby Signing 

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