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Stuck at home for months on end?

Tired and frustrated of trying to figure out what your baby wants?


Worried that your child is getting insufficient stimulation at home?

Don't know how to ensure your baby will meet his language milestones?


Run out of ideas for stimulating and engaging with your baby?

We heard you Mama! 


Baby Signing Basics

- now Online!

Learn to communicate with your baby and have her communicate with you even before she can speak! 

Learn new and fun ways to engage with your baby that boost brain development whilst you learn a proven technique that accelerates his language development.

Enjoy classes you and your baby can attend from the comfort and safety of your own home - and everyone at home can join in!

Hello! I'm Chantal

I created Baby Signing Basics as a way of bringing Baby Signing to mums in Mumbai - there were no classes when my daughter was small so I had to learn from books - which was not easy. I wanted to create a fun, accessible way for mothers to learn and use Baby Signing so they could enjoy the amazing benefits just like I had.

When covid struck I assumed classes would just have to go on hold. However my mums pointed out that their babies were growing up fast (too fast!) and they didn't want to miss out. So we agreed to try out the online format and it worked surprisingly well.


Baby Signing builds on your baby’s natural use of gestures to communicate and opens up two-way communication with your child so that she is able to tell what she wants, sees and feels before she can talk, removing her frustration and yours too!

Studies show that babies who sign get a head-start; they talk earlier and build vocabulary faster than their non-signing peers. One study found that by 36-months the signing babies were speaking at 47-month level! Hurrah! Now we're talking!

What is Baby Signing? 

IMPORTANT NOTE ON SCREEN TIME: Babies learn from parents, not from screens, so this class is designed to teach YOU how to teach your own baby. And whilst you learn your baby will enjoy the singing and signing, puppets, music, bubbles and more! 

Our 8 week Baby Signing Basics Course is designed to get you and your baby up and running with baby signing. Our fun, musical classes are now online so you can attend straight from your home. 

How long is the course?

What do you get 

- LIVE classes - 8 live weekly classes

 - Recorded class replays - You don't need to worry if you miss a class. You will have access to a replay of the class for a full week after each class.

 - Recorded video recap  - after each class you will get access to a 'quick recap' video which details all the signs you learnt in class - you can watch these anytime and anywhere as a quick reminder. 

 - Weekly print-outs - a class summary will be emailed to your inbox each week detailing the signs learnt. You can print these out and keep them handy for a quick reminder!

 - Access to private FB group where you can ask questions, comment and post signing moments of you and your baby. 

Next Baby Signing Basics Course starts Saturday 3rd October 2020 - limited seats!

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